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ViewpointCentre CIO is a registered charity No 1172302

The HorseCourse

The HorseCourse Brochure

See the HorseCourse video here

For additional information you can access the HorseCourse Brochure here

Listen to an interview with Harriet Laurie, founder of the HorseCourse and Dr Nick Kosky here

Programmes that Viewpoint Centre can deliver

Our main activity is the ReStart course which are a 2-3 hour sessions, 5 days a week, depending on the needs of the participant. We also offer top up and taster sessions.

The ReStart Course is typically delivered over 5 consecutive days, working for approximately 2 hours per day with 1-to-1 facilitator support. We teach, rehearse and repeat key resilience skills in an intensive and challenging, but in a fun way with feedback in-the-moment from specially trained horses. There is no discussion of the past. All sessions take place in action with the horses, there is no classroom content or talk-based therapy/counselling. Development of skills is embedded in work towards a horsemanship goal of Parelli Level 1. Tasks are guided by the facilitator and the horses are selected and trained to provide especially clear and easily observed physical feedback to participants, many of whom will not have interacted with horses prior to taking part in the programme. The methodological focus is on social/emotional shifts being made ‘in the moment’, in response to difficulties encountered. Participants are unmounted handlers, learning to work in partnership with the horses on the ground. The course employs an approach using a series of specific tasks as tools to develop positive habits.

On the last day, each participant has a robust reflective session with their facilitator - looking at their progress in each of the areas of the Skills Star. U

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are presented with a certificate and get our Skills Star, a memory stick with photos to take home and are given the opportunity to record a short film for a Horsemanship Assessment - copy sent on a memory stick via referrer within a short period of time of course end.

The HorseCourse Star

The HorseCourse Star

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The HorseCourse Star

The star shows the main areas we work on - at the centre of the star people are stuck in behaviours which are unhelpful. As they progress, they move outwards towards the points of the star.  The Star is used both as a teaching tool to help participants see the progress they have made and as an evaluation tool- assessed by referrers before and 2 months after the intervention.

The HorseCourse Observation Chart

The HorseCourse Observation Chart

TheHorseCourse Observation Chart was inspired by the Parelli Horsenality model; used by Dr Hemingway of Bournemouth University in a field study and now used as the primary case note tool.


Our Referral Process

Find out about the process for referring a client to Viewpoint Centre here.

We require completion of both our referrer and consent forms below: