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Referrer Feedback

Michael Sydney at Viewpoint
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"The process of referral and our young person receiving support was quick. Our young person engaged purposefully with the support and our team  has seen a very different K when accessing the provision. Communication from the Viewpoint team was excellent. It was such a help for our team to visit the centre and be part of the training and process. Thank you for all your support of our young person."

Paula Waller, Oxted School 

"Young person who suffers from anxieties, low self-esteem, self-harming and struggling to attend school often refusing to go, spending most of her day in her bedroom. She attended a week 1-1 horse training course. She was nervous going on the first day but having the encouragement from the horse trainer and the interaction with the horses she couldn’t wait for the next day. The course was challenging showing her how her body language affects the horse’s behavior. When she is positive they followed her instructions. As she relaxed and engaged with the horses I observed her confidence building through the week and she was able to attend her group college interview that same week using these new skills. The horse course has made a huge difference to her outlook as she’s less negative about her future and looking forward. Doing this course has

changed her attitude to concentrate more on what she can achieve. I would like to thank Viewpoint Centre for the amazing support they give these children/young people when they are at their most vulnerable."  Surrey Family Services


"I had to go and see a young male by the name of X a couple of weeks ago regarding some really nasty bullying he had been suffering.  Apparently he opened up to his mother following a session down at your centre. Before that he had been really withdrawn and had not been engaging with parents.  So I just thought I would let you know the good you are doing" 

Youth Intervention Officer for Tandridge

"Immediate feedback from Mum was that it was ‘amazing’ and he is using the breathing and claiming techniques he has learned".

Sarah Charlton, Learning Space​

"Viewpoint centre was recommended by a professional colleague at a training programme on Working with Children Affected by Domestic Abuse. My young person was not engaging in education and was finding it difficult to express herself in any way other than self-harm and thoughts of self-deprecation. Within the first few days of the restart programme, I felt that she had begun to open herself up to support and has since engaged better in finding solutions to help herself and in taking a proactive role in decision making for her future. I have noticed during our travels to and from the course, she will now ask to change the radio station if the music playing is not to her taste. Having worked with her for several months, she has never before expressed a preference for anything when asked so this was a very positive thing to witness."

Dee Griffin, Surrey Family Services

"Viewpoint Centre was suggested as a positive programme for the young people within our service. The organisers were brilliant and very clear on what the programme would include and were quick to answer any questions and support through the application process. The programme itself was really good and it is clear that it has made a difference to our young people. The staff were friendly, realistic and enthusiastic, as well as being flexible to each individual’s needs. The 1:1 set up allowed young people to feel supported but also allowed them to build their own confidence, ensuring they had security and consistency, which many lack. The whole process was easy and was delivered with warmth and kindness as well as having strategic ways to help young people progress within their life. My only criticism would be that it wasn’t long enough as the young people wished they could carry on for more weeks! "

Katie Albery, Surrey Family Services

"J's change was noticeable from the start.  Her body language, her eye contact, talking to others comfortable were all profound to witness.  J was motivated and enthusiastic and talked about feeling incredibly calm and comfortable.  She felt confident and natural learning in this environment and compared it to school.  She was so thrilled that despite having learning difficulties and finding it hard to retain information during her very unhappy time at school, she was able to retain everything she learnt at Viewpoint Centre. Having the opportunity for her family, in particular J's mum, come and see her skills in practice was the perfect end to a special week for her. Thank you again for this wonderful really makes a difference! "

Natasha Adams,  Learning Space

"C absolutely loved the course and what it offers and it really has boosted his confidence within himself and his abilities. He pigeonholed himself with his post 16 destinations and now has broadened his horizons."

Richard Singleton, Reigate Valley College


"Viewpoint Centre is a brilliant programme for our young people in Tandridge. They teach young people skills in an intensive and challenging way but also take into consideration the young person's needs. The teachers build a great rapport with the young people from the start. The teachers make our young people believe in themselves and help them to realise their true potential. The ReStart course uses effective evaluation tools which means the young people can clearly see the progress they have made. They also film the young person’s final assessment which is fantastic as it can then be shared with family and friends."

Laura Nye, Surrey Family Services


"I watched the video clips that Katie had prepared for the first time today and it was really lovely to see XX in such a relaxed state and obviously benefiting from the teaching at the Viewpoint Centre. We will be submitting it as part of her EHCP request. Thank you, a really helpful resource."  

Annie Scott, North Downs Primary School 


"The programme was really good, L loved it. She feels that the main outcome for her is feeling calmer as a result, she noticed it over the duration of the week but also is still feeling it now over a week later. She liked the group size of 2 as she felt this meant that she could form a greater relationship with the horse. The course has inspired her to continue working with horses." 

Rachel Kingston, Surrey Family Services

"I know he really enjoyed his time at Viewpoint Centre and it helped with his confidence and self esteem. He rated it a 8/9 out of 10 which is amazing to hear him say that!!"

Alexia Sipthorpe, Surrey Family Services (on behalf of her young client)

"I would highly recommend the course for anyone struggling with anxiety and would very much hope to be able to access it for other students again in the future." 

Helen Phillips, Learning Space


"J often mentions his experience at Viewpoint and recommends it to other students, so this alone speaks volumes about the impact you managed to make on him."

Tina Carvery, Reigate Valley College


"B is doing really well attending our farm project and has got herself a job at  a local farm so thank you for your help in this." 

Jo Croos, Surrey Family Services

"X shared with me the photobook that her Mum made of her week and you could easily see that working in your setting suited her needs. The progress in the “star” chart that you gave us showed that in the right setting and with the right level and type of support, she can respond, interact and feel confident when learning something new. As a school we felt really pleased that we could give her the opportunity to have that experience, thank you.  Our educational psychologist was also impressed as this is a very different approach to the normal provision of support to match her needs."

Annie Scott, North Downs Primary School

"J loved working with the horses and Mum thought the whole experience was very educational. She was very impressed with how Katie worked with J and managed to help him with calmness. Shes noticed that J has more patience since doing the course and he is beginning to problem-solve rather than just flying into a rage. She’s noticed him learning to breathe to calm himself. She is also now reminding him to do his breathing."

Juliet Cumpatescu,  Learning Space

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