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Visitor Feedback

Michael Sydney at Viewpoint

"I had the pleasure to witness this powerful horse-based behavioural intervention with a hands-on taster session during my first visit to Viewpoint Centre. It is such an original idea - I normally get invited to cricket clubs who would like some funding for new posts!. It was an extraordinary experience for a non-horse person. By having a go with the horse myself I instantly understood how this engaging and empowering work could transform the lives of children and young people who are hardest to reach in our community"  

Michael Sydney - Surrey Councillor (Lingfield)


"I am so excited to finally have an effective alternative for the young people I work with who just don't get anything out of talking. I already have several young people in mind who would benefit from this service."

Alexia Sipthorpe, Surrey Family Services

"Viewpoint Centre offers a innovative, evidence-based intervention that I believe will help hard to reach children and young adults in our community, living with all sorts of different challenges, make big and positive changes to their lives. It gets my full endorsement and support."

Lesley Steeds, Councillor for Lingfield

"Viewpoint is a fantastic project where young people can develop skills and overcome anxieties by working with horses in such a beautiful setting. I believe that the courses they run at Viewpoint are perfect to engage young people."   

Stuart Kingsley - Head of Youth Services, YMCA East Surrey

"I  spent a wonderful morning at the Centre surrounded by beautiful countryside and friendly horses. What a unique idea – horse based interventions. Having had no real experience with horses apart from having chased them several times during my police career when we had received reports that they have escaped from fields, I was a little nervous and slightly sceptical about what to expect. Well I needn’t have been.  From the warm welcome you receive from Katie and Emily to the gentle introductions you get with the horses, I can honestly say the whole morning was an absolute delight and in that short space of time I already feel so much more at ease with horses.  The sense of achievement I felt when I was able to get my horse to the task I was set was amazing. This was done by  learning to read the horse’s body language and also knowing that the horse was doing the same to me, being relaxed, a lot of patience and clear instructions.  I can already think of quite a few of our young people that have become disengaged in our community, some involved in crime and anti-social behaviour (often through circumstance) that this would be a real benefit to."  

Sarah Adams, Youth Intervention Officer for Tandridge

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