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Non Verbal Toolbox Attendee Feedback


"It is amazing what you learn as parents during this 2 hour intensive session. Not only did we reflect on our child's behaviour, but also our own responses. We were able to personally experience a bit of the therapy from the ReStart course itself which was fascinating and extremely powerful. Every parent of a child on the ReStart course should do the Non Verbal Toolkit before their child goes on the course to get the maximum benefit.

With so many children with emotional needs in schools that are already overstretched, teachers would learn an incredible amount from this 2 hour course. This course is amazing."


"I really enjoyed the workshop. Emily and Katie did a brilliant job. It was very interesting connecting how the way we present ourselves can affect how the horse behaves. The horses were very sweet too. I can see how his sort of training can help a young person or adult learn how to control their behaviour and emotions. Brilliant workshop and I recommend it to anyone.


I found the session very powerful. It is quite empowering to be able control animals by finding your ‘inner power’. I feel that similar sessions to the one we had would definitely help a young person to control their emotions better and express themselves in a more confident way.

imberhorne School

"The NVT training was a great way of understanding behaviours and ways in which staff can support during times of challenging behaviour. After attending the five ReStart sessions with my student (X) I attended the Non Verbal Toolbox training on the Friday afternoon. I found this very interesting as I was able to identify WHAT strategies had been used with X over the week and WHY these strategies were used. When looking at the Observation Chart I was able to instantly identify which quadrant X was in. I also found it interesting to see how each quadrant offered different strategies gave me an insight into how I can read a student’s body without using verbal communication.

I feel like I learnt a lot throughout the week, both observing X’s ReStart sessions and the Friday NVT training session with my colleagues. The NVT training will be so beneficial to a lot of the students we work with at St Piers School and I hope that we can continue to provide this training to our staff ."

Natalie Peters, St Piers School ,Young Epilepsy


"The non-verbal toolbox training has given staff at St Piers the ability to look beyond the behaviours of our students and ask why that behaviour is happening. The training allowed staff to enhance their understanding of the psychology behind behaviour for individual people and how best to manage situations of challenging behaviour. Staff participated in strategies to identify their own needs using the observation chart provided by Viewpoint. The tool is very useful in identifying individual needs, considering the Triune brain theory, and inbuild instincts, as well as providing useful strategies and activities to support those who are struggling to manage their own behaviours or anxieties. 

The non-verbal toolbox received very positive feedback at St Piers, and we hope to continue training more of our staff to provide a whole school approach utilising the knowledge and understanding provided through the training at Viewpoint." 

Danny Hulme , PSHE & RSE Specialist Teacher, Autism Trainer, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead



"The most unique training experience ever!  I am definitely a popular headteacher now after sending my staff to the Non verbal Toolkit session at the amazing Viewpoint facility.

Working with the borough's most vulnerable learners, it was refreshing to know there is support out there for us.  Katie & her team are fabulous. Their understanding of the difficulties we are under and the opportunity to learn new tactics have been invaluable." 

Sian Reed, Head of Key Stage 4, Reigate Valley College

"Firstly, on behalf of Southern Adolescent Care Services Ltd., I would like to thank Viewpoint Centre for the training yesterday.  We had many new staff amongst our number and I can confirm that everyone enjoyed it and learnt from it, new and old.


The feedback that I have received from those who attended is extremely positive and they are enthusiastic about applying what they learnt. 


The Observation Chart is an excellent tool to help us focus more closely on our young people’s body language and what they are communicating by their behaviour – it was this that seems to have inspired staff the most."

Kim Owens, Therapeutic Services Director, South Eastern Adolescent Services

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